Technology + Culture Focus = Effective Workplace e-Learning

This post is provided by guest blogger, Katie Sachs, graduate student at the University of St. Francis in Joliet, IL, MS in Training and Development program.

Advances in technology have helped cement e-learning’s place in corporate education. But how can learning leaders take steps to ensure that their digital learning initiatives are working and not becoming pointless activities? In a recent white paper, authors

Samir Mehta and Holly Downs for the Center for Creative Leadership recommend that learning leaders focus on their culture and people in complement to a digital learning approach, by leveraging six key strategies: 1) Less is More; 2) Support from the Top; 3) Learner-Centered Design; 4) Leaders as Teachers; 5) Learning Partnerships; and 6) What Gets Measured Gets Done.

The authors recognize the usefulness of e-learning for training an increasingly dispersed workforce, but also know that simply adding e-learning to your overall workplace learning strategy isn’t enough – a more thoughtful and holistic approach is needed for true effectiveness. The six strategies suggested in this white paper are approachable, and include a variety of suggestions for implementation, plus experiences and advice from real learning leaders. I recommend this white paper to anyone involved in workplace learning strategy, who is adding e-learning to their training mix, or is already using e-learning to drive learning and performance throughout the organization.



Mehta, S. and Downs, H. (2016). Six strategies for digital learning success. Greensboro, NC: Center for Creative Leadership. Retrieved from:

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