How to make online training work!!!

This post is provided by guest blogger, Kim Wilson, graduate student University of St. Francis, Joliet, Il., MS Training and Development program

Online training is one of the most popular avenues for an adult student who is looking to continue their education.   Online training is known for its convenience but it does come with its challenges.   In the article “6 Hurdles That Hinder Online Training Knowledge

Transfers” the author Christopher Pappas (2018) addresses the most common obstacles a training may encounter and provides some useful tips on how to get through the obstacles.  In conclusion, the author reminds the reader that lack of access to online instructors, and Learning Management Systems, can slow learning and the learning attitude of all involved (Pappas, 2018).  This issue should be considered during the planning stage of the program.

I recommend this article to corporate trainers who are looking for an effective way to deliver new knowledge to employees.  With current corporate training, there is often an obstacle of finding time to train existing employees. As the author pointed out “online training is not only more convenient and cost-effective…..However, there are still obstacles that organizations must consider” (Pappas, 2018). Pappas (2018) provides the reader tips on overcoming challenges with online training.  Pappas (2018) addresses the  obstacle of ineffective design, geographical barriers, emotional barriers, accessibility, support systems and external distractions. The information provides the training with helpful information on how to make online training successful.


Pappas, C. (2018, September 13).  6 hurdles that hinder online training knowledge transfer.  Retrieved from


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