VR Learning, is it a fantasy or reality?

This post is provided by guest blogger, Kim Wilson, graduate student University of St. Francis, MS Training and Development program

Is Virtual Reality learning a reality for schools, regards of socioeconomics?  In the article “Making Virtual Reality a Reality in Today’s Classrooms,” author Meredith Thompson explains how one state was able to provide students access to virtual reality (VR) learning in the classroom, despite the socioeconomic challenges. The author shares what approaches teachers use to incorporate VR learning both in the suburban schools as well as in the urban schools.

I recommend this article to school administrators; it provides some practical ideas on how to incorporate VR learning into the classroom setting.   Thompson shows how a suburban teacher overcame challenges in her classroom, and how the urban teacher overcame the obstacle of finding funding to provide VR learning in their classroom. The article provides us with the positive impact on utilizing technology in the classroom. As an example, a student can learn valuable skills, when setting up and breaking down laptops (Thompson, 2018).  They analyze applications utilized for the VR technology.  This is a great skill to have.


Thompson, M. (2018). https://thejournal.com/Articles/2018/01/11/Making-Virtual-Reality-a-Reality-in-Todays-Classrooms.aspx?Page=4

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