AI: It’s learning from us, so we better learn it!

This post is provided by guest blogger, George Skerritt, graduate student of the University of St. Francis, MS Training and Development program.

In very much the same way market research is conducted and improved through the evaluation of search engine behavior and demographics, educators can harness the power of AI as part of the learning and development process.  AI can gather, through student interactions, an immense amount of data about learner behavior which can be adapted to guide the learning process of each learner.  Imagine a 24-7-365 teacher’s assistant who can answer questions (in an authentic-sounding, yet computer-generated voice) and/or direct learners to the video, article or other microlearning resource that is best-aligned with each student’s individual learning style!

The potential for AI in L&D is tremendous.  I recommend that all educators read the articles listed below to begin to understand the strengths – and the limitations of AI.  Just like people, AI biases can be programmed in based on demographic information.  Just like with computer programs, if you put garbage in, you will get garbage out.  Still, the power of AI, ethically harnessed for learning and development, can and will be one of the best tools educators use.  The time to start learning about AI is now.

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