Is Gaming Crossing Paths with E-learning?

This post is provided by guest blogger, Victoria Kral, graduate student at the University of St. Francis in Joliet, MS in Training and Development program.

Universities have been using e-learning on learning management systems for years and now with the advancement of technology, they are able to branch out into training videos with gaming. We are a society that seeks instant gratification and with the invention of Gamification, students are able to learn quickly and be competitive with multiple classmates online. Students are able to see instantly if they are grasping the material in an entertaining and gratifying experience. This leaves instructional designers the task of designing games to support open online courses with diverse backgrounds.

This is a wonderful article to read regarding the benefits of gaming and e-learning. The article is well put together for instructors from kindergarten through college. It discusses the various methods of how gaming enhances classroom learning with motivation and competition. This article seems to be very relevant for today’s instructors who are wondering if they could bring gaming into their classroom and the positive effects it would bring to their students.


Holloway, S. (n.d.). Gamification in education: 4 ways to bring games to your classroom. Retrieved September 2, 2018, from


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