EEAM: A New Tool for Assessing E-learning

This post is provided by guest blogger, Michele Cote, graduate student at the University of St. Francis in Joliet, MS in Training and Development program.

Researchers from Tehran University of Medical Sciences and University of Tehran conducted a study of e-learning programs. The goal of the study was to develop an assessment that would gauge students’ perceptions of the e-learning environment. Both students and faculty provided feedback, and 138 respondents participated in the study by completing a draft questionnaire. Results were used to finalize an assessment defined as the e-learning Educational Atmosphere Measure (EEAM). The EEAM is a Likert scale assessment that contains 40 questions. Measurable factors include program effectiveness, teaching quality, ethics and professionalism, learner support, safety and convenience, and awareness of the rules.

The article described the research study and EEAM and it would be interesting to read for those involved in creating and teaching e-learning programs. It would be particularly helpful for individuals looking for an assessment about how e-learning students perceive their educational environment. The study only used e-learning programs rather than blended or other courses so that e-learning could be considered specifically. The authors used feedback from experts to design the assessment. They also took into account previous studies and research to develop the questionnaire, and they also cited those references in their article.


Mousavia, A., Mohammadia, A., Mojtahedzadeha, R., Shirazib, M., Rashidic, H. (2020). E-learning educational atmosphere measure (EEAM): a new instrument for assessing e-students’ perception of educational environment. Research in Learning Technology, 28.

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