Find Success in Flipped Learning

This post is provided by guest blogger, Dawn Budreau, graduate student at the University of St. Francis in Joliet, MS in Training and Development program.

In a workday, every minute spent away from our desks matters. In corporate training, employees can show up to yet another lecture of boring material, wasting more precious time as information is read to them. In his recent article “Flipped Learning, Maximizing Time and Impact with New Approaches to Leadership Development,” Michael McGowan (2020) proposes a cure to the long, boring, training meeting. Flipped learning is where the learner comes to class with the information read ahead of time and develops understanding of the topic through active discussions. Three steps for successful implementation of a flipped learning environment are provided.

This article introduces a simple, yet impactful concept for maximizing the amount of learning that can occur in a class of adult professionals. I found McGowan’s point of view refreshing and well stated. I agree with the premise that learning in a business environment should consist of constant dialogue and sharing of ideas, along with solid action plans to put new ideas and concepts to work (McGowan, 2020).  Although this article focuses on the use of flipped learning for management employees, I would encourage anyone training an adult class to consider this approach to bring engagement back to their adult learning environment.


McGowan, M. (2020, May 27). Flipped learning: Maximizing time and impact with new approaches to leadership development. Retrieved from

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