Are Employers Thinking Differently?

This post is provided by guest blogger, Brandon Rinker, graduate student University of St. Francis, MS Training and Development program

Jane Hart begins with a quick nod to the COVID pandemic in that it was able to change employers view of online learning and training in an extremely short amount of time. The article discusses the need to be creative and innovative when it comes to eLearning in the workplace and that simply moving a learning or training topic from the traditional standpoint will not work. Employers will need to rethink what it means to “learn” and adapt it to the new eLearning environment for their employees. By creating a well-developed online program, it will give them the ability to improve in new ways.

This quick but informative read will not only benefit the corporate world in its transformation into eLearning, but it will help new eLearning educators as well. Jane gives us the four D‘s of learning. Discovery, Discourse, Doing the day job, and Didactic and explains that this is part of the new way of thinking when it pertains to eLearning. Understanding the four D’s is easy and can be adapted to any eLearning training or educational course. No one is quite certain when any form of normalcy will return to our world, however, our new normal involves online learning in a few different formats and using the four D’s may help in the learners’ support.


Hart, J. (2020, May 22). How can employers support online learning? Think differently! Retrieved June 17, 2020, from

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