Gamification: Re-ignite Learning in Your Organization

This post is provided by guest blogger, Dawn Budreau, graduate student at the University of St. Francis in Joliet, MS in Training and Development program.

Employees get bored with constant training and the same old training content. Even in companies lucky enough to have employees that embrace life-long learning, motivation can be lacking when outdated training materials are the norm.  In the article “How does Gamification in Training Help Your Employees?” Nikos Andriotis (2020) offers a solution to training burnout. Andriotis provides eight benefits to using gamification at work that result in not only increased motivation and retention, but create collaboration and team spirit, while teaching your employees to become goal-oriented and engaged.

This article is a quick and worthwhile read. Andriotis has great ideas on how gamification can bring fun back into corporate learning. I found his ideas not only useful, but unique. Most gamification models just look at how to add points to an existing learning management system to say it is a game, while this article presents a unique viewpoint, focusing on creating an environment where the employee is interested in learning again and ways to capitalize on that renewed energy (Andriotis, 2020). If you are looking for ways to bring motivation and fun back to your workplace learning environment, I highly recommend this article.


Andriotis, N. (2020, March 30). How does gamification in training help your employees? Retrieved from

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