Holograms: Training and The Future of Education

This post is provided by guest blogger, Brandon Rinker, graduate student University of St. Francis, MS Training and Development program

Hologram or augmented reality (AR) is a computer-generated environment from real world surroundings.  Because of the design, it is helping educators and training instructors use this technology in the classroom and workplace environment.  Holograms can be used in the classroom to help students with all topics from history to science.  A mathematical problem could be solved as seen in a “real life” world.  Holograms could also give new employees the ability to get hands on training before ever stepping into their field.  Finally, holograms could give educators the ability to do collaborative work while being in different physical locations. 

This article is meant for everyone in the training and educating world.  It could give these individuals new abilities to enhance the learning process in their selected discipline.  Imagine giving the paramedic the ability to treat patients without having to be in the field or in the hospital to keep their skills sharp.  Or students in chemistry class the ability to work on their theories in an augmented world.  With all new technologies price maybe the only issue with holograms becoming mainstream in education and training.  As prices drop, adding this to training and education will be a great benefit.


Yucel, J. (2018). Holograms in the classroom? The not so-distant future of ed tech. BlueRange Technology. Retrieved from: https://www.bluerangetech.com/blog/holograms-in-the-classroom-the-not-so-distant-future-of-ed-tech/?cn-reloaded=1

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