To play or not to play that is the question…..

This post is provided by guest blogger, Kim Wilson, graduate student University of St. Francis, Joliet, Il., MS Training and Development program
Gaming has become one of the largest on-line interactive venues among our population. But, can it be used as a source of learning? In a recent article, author Jurica Picak (2017) provides the reader with some insight on why gamification is a great benefit to

e-learning and how to successfully utilize games with learning. Picak (2017) concludes that the increasing technology progress and advanced LMS software, are “clearing the way for gamification and all its benefits.”

I recommend this article to e-learning instructors who are looking for a new avenue to delivery course material. With current on-line learning, it is difficult to deliver an interactive lecture which could increase the learner’s motivation to learn the subject. With gamification, the learner would have access to become an interactive learner and would also receive “rewards” for knowing the correct answers. Picak (2017) provides the reader with reasons on why eLearning would be improved with gamification. She also simplifies the gamification process into two parts, Mechanic and Narrative (Picak, 2017). The information provides the instructor with practical reasoning on how and why gamification can increase motivation to learn among students.

Picak, Jurica. (2017, Oct. 11). Hows and whys of gamification in eLearning. ELearning Industry. Retrieved from:

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