Why is assessment so important in terms of e-learning?

This post is provided by guest blogger, Keeona Jordan, a graduate student at the University of St. Francis in Joliet, Il., MS in Training and Development program.

Assessments in e-learning can be intimidating and difficult to measure. This article explores ways to strengthen assessments through elearning processes. One of the key elements to remember is the importance of evaluation versus assessment. Assessment in

elearning processes can be used to gain a better understanding of instruction and how to adapt to online learning environments. It is important to remember the importance of assessments which is to measure not only what the student is learning but steps that are being taken to help the learner remember the material. While there are LMS’s in place to help enhance elearning technologies, it is important to engage the learner thus building a strong assessment.

While this article may not answer every question in regards to building a strong learning assessment, it does help to build a strong foundation. It also offers four informative tips that are needed to strengthen online learning assessments. If anyone may be wondering why he or she may be failing at his or her instructional design in terms of elearning, this will be a good read. This article also offers some positive feedback for teachers as well who are struggling with measuring learner performances. This is typically one of the most difficult parts of assessments and this article offers ways to overcome this hurdle and produce results that will be beneficial for the teacher and learner.


Burns, M. (2018, Apr. 22). Improving assessment in elearning programs. Retrieved from: https://Elearningindustry.com/Assessment-in-Elearning-Programs-Improving



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