Are You Using These Tech Trends?

This post is provide by guest blogger, Penny Jones, graduate student at the University of St. Francis in Joliet, Il., MS in Training and Development program.

Technology is continually advancing. How advanced is the technology you are currently using in designing e-Learning courses?  This article explored four technology trends that can evolve e-learning courses.  While the initial cost of technology might be high, the

overall time saving reduction can lead to significant learner satisfaction and knowledge retention.  As three-dimensional printing starts becoming more affordable with time, this article explains the benefit to using this technology to enhance the e-learning course.  As the writer concludes in the article, he explains that the common goal of these technologies is to increase the effectiveness of the e-learning course.

If you are looking for new ways to engage your audience and increase effectiveness of e-learning, this article has some ideas for you. While some of these technologies might be something you have encountered in your e-learning adventures, you might gain new insight to exactly what an e-learning course could look like.  Do you provide a simulation training?  This article also shares ideas on ways to make an e-learning course that has effective learning outcomes.


Duncan, J. (2016, July). 4 tech trends that can help you design more effective e-learning.  Retrieved from:

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