Microlearning is Macro Beneficial

This blog post is provided by guest blogger, Carol Sheetz, graduate student in the online Master of Science degree program in Training and Development at the University of St. Francis in Joliet, Illinois.

According to two articles posted on the Association for Talent Development (ATD) website, microlearning is a hot topic in the learning industry, and it will shape the future in the workplace.  Microlearning is a way of delivering learning content in short, very

specific, focused bursts.  The learner is in control of what and when they learn.  Microlearning is trendy, inexpensive, and fast.  Because of the short time commitment involved, learners are more engaged, and as a result, they learn more and retain what they learn because they can quickly connect it to information they already know.  Microlearning is user-friendly, and it enables employees to quickly view relevant learning experiences.  Microlearning includes video, infographics, games, e-learning courses, posters and simulations.

I recommend these two articles to those interested in learning more about microlearning.  Khurgin is a leader in the microlearning movement.  Seidel has relevant experience in the e-learning industry.  Khurgin points out that when employees are motivated to learn, microlearning can make an impact during that window of opportunity.  Seidel mentions that microlearning will continue to be successful and popular.  As attention spans narrow, microlearning allows learners to drive their content effectively and efficiently one quick burst at a time.


Khurgin, A. (2017, August 30). How microlearning will shape the future of work. Retrieved from Association for Talent Development: https://www.td.org/insights/how-microlearning-will-shape-the-future-of-work

Seidel, T. (2018, June 27). Microlearning is more than a buzzword. Retrieved from Association for Talent Development: https://www.td.org/insights/microlearning-is-more-than-a-buzzword

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