Blogging in the Classroom

I have been in the process of redesigning an e-learning, online course, and I have decided to try out student blogging as a component of the course. Beginning in the fall, you will begin to see a regular pattern of guest bloggers on this WordPress site.

Alsamadani (2018)  and many other researchers have found that blogging helped students’ improve their writing skills. Wesley (2012) describes how blogging can be beneficial in teaching visual communication. This is due, in part, to the changing technological reality where students need to be visually literate in addition to the more traditional literacy. Wesley (2012) goes on to describe how blogging, with written, visual and other image based components, can help students’ better understand the course material.

I am excited to have students apply e-learning concepts through the use of an e-learning tool that is outside the classroom’s course management system. The course begins in the fall semester, so stay tuned!


Alsamadani, H. A. (2018). The effectiveness of using online blogging for students’ individual and group writing. International Education Studies11(1), 44-51.

Wesley, M. (2012, May). Blogging as a multiliteracy approach to teaching visual communication. Intercom, 14-17.

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