10 Strategies to be Successful as an Online Student

10 Strategies to be Successful as an Online Student

“1. Avoid procrastination.

2. Plan & organize weekly coursework.

3. Set goals and manage time effectively.

4. Develop and engage good study habits, then practice them.

5. Keep up with assignments and post in a timely manner.

6. Allocate time in work schedule for rest, exercise, proper nutrition, and social interaction.

7. Participate in online discussions and check into courseroom based on course requirements.

8. Communicate with professors, as often as necessary.

9. Take keyboarding class (before beginning online class) if typing and computer skills are not proficient.

10. Take notes while reading and practice becoming a good note taker and developing outlines” (Barr and Miller, 2013).

Barr, B. A., & Miller, S. F. (2013). Higher Education: The Online Teaching and Learning Experience. Online Submission, Online Teaching and Learning.

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