A Change with Benefits

A Change with Benefits

Provided by guest blogger, Stefanie Gardner, graduate student University of St. Francis, MS Training and Development program

Today’s students are changing beyond categorizing them with the labels of “traditional” and “non-traditional.”  Higher education institutions are needing to change and grow to accommodate the change in the student population.  Institutions adapting to the student population that they are wishing to attract has happened slowly and there is opportunity through e-learning to adapt even further.  A student choosing to seek further education has many areas to consider when making education related decisions.  The some of the current students making decisions have much more to consider than a student from 10-20 years ago. 

In the article by Levine (2019) titled “Are Colleges and Universities Meeting the Online Learning Challenge?” talks about the differences in current student demographics that affect the decision on the institution a student may choose.  The demographics relate to having children, the need to work, age and household lower annual incomes.  The student fitting some or all of these demographics would find the ability to participate in e-learning appealing.  The article also states that on-campus learning while online learning is increasing globally.  Higher education institutions need to recognize this and grow the online course availability to accommodate the changing student population.  Meeting and supporting students’ choice for e-learning will prove to be beneficial for both the student and the institution. Institutions that do not grow the e-learning options are going to see an overall decline in student numbers more than what is already happening. 


Levine, E. (2019, November 7). Are colleges and universities meeting the online learning challenge? Retrieved from: edtechmagazine.com/higher/article/2019/11/are-colleges-and-universities-meeting-online-learning-challenge

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