Can E-Learning Survive Without A Good Instructional Design Strategy?

This post is provided by guest blogger, Paulette Richardson, graduate student, University of St. Francis, MS Training and Development Program.

All successful institutions share one thing in common, proper planning and implementing the right strategies.  Having the right strategies in place will ensure that learners succeed.  The article written by Ayesha H. Omer (2016) suggests that a strategy has the same characteristics of a game plan.  Regarding sound e-learning instructional design strategies, Omer points out that a successful program cannot be achieved without it. It gives a clear explanation of what instructional design strategy is and why it is essential when developing an e-learning course.  If the course is to be successful it must have clear objectives and the steps that are to be taken for goal achievement should be clearly stated.  Finally, answering the question of resources is vital.  Which resources, techniques, devices will be implemented to ensure that these goals are achieved?

Can an e-learning program successfully survive without good instructional design and instructional design strategy? The simplest answer is, unequivocally no. This article helps instructional design specialists and anyone designing a course in e-learning.  An educator or course designer will walk away with the understanding of how instructional design strategies work and how important they really are in course development.  The article is strongly recommended as it is loaded with ideas and resources that will assist with the survival of an effective e-learning program.


Omer, A. (2016, November 15). Instructional design strategy: What is its role in eLearning design? Retrieved June 03, 2020, from

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