Why Choose? Blending is Better.

This post is provided by guest blogger, Mark Doty, graduate student University of St. Francis, Joliet, Il., MS Training and Development program

What is the best strategy for managing and supporting eLearning programs? In a blog by LMS expert, Kamy Anderson (2017), 6 reasons for adopting a blended learning approach is presented as the best approach for optimizing online learning with the traditional

classroom.  These reasons are: boosting learner’s efficiencies, builds engagement, facilitates enhanced communication within the organization, drives improved collaboration, keeps track of learner progress, and maximizes teaching efforts. The author concludes by advocating how blended learning drives efficiencies to your organization’s workforce, curtails costs and extends access to training.

If you are a Training Manager on the fence between deciding if an eLearning program vs. a face to face training approach is best for meeting your organization’s goals, this article provides some key insights for helping you make that choice. Anderson (2017) makes a strong argument for having the best of both worlds by utilizing blended learning as a tactic for improving end user information retention, engagement, and teaching. His recommendations allow for greater flexibility within the organization and addresses how every end user has different needs and learning styles.


Anderson, K. (2017). 6 reasons why blended learning is becoming a trend. Retrieved from URL https://www.pulselearning.com/blog/6-reasons-blended-learning-becoming-trend/

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