Effective evaluation is essential for eLearning

This post is provided by guest blogger, Mark Doty, graduate student University of St. Francis, Joliet, Il., MS Training and Development program

How do you develop an approach for assessing your eLearning strategy? In a blog by Christopher Pappas (2016) seven tips for aligning your organization’s needs and goals with an eLearning assessment strategy are outlined. These tips are: create different

eLearning assessments for different people; be concise, use variety; focus on performance assessments; create eLearning assessments to measure employee’s reaction to the online training program; use previous feedback as eLearning assessment material; and analyze eLearning assessment results. The author concludes by asking us to consider using these tips as a roadmap for identifying opportunities in our organization’s current strategies for measuring online training solutions.

If you are struggling for how to determine if your learners’ skills and abilities are aligned with your organization’s needs and goals, this article is a great place to start for tailoring an effective eLearning assessment strategy. Pappas (2016) correctly addresses that it is impossible to know whether your employees have been trained effectively if you don’t measure your training outcomes. His tips provide a great place to start the conversation for how you can determine if your online training programs are successful.


Pappas, C., (2016). 7 tips to create effective eLearning assessments to measure online training. Retrieved from URL  https://elearningindustry.com/7-tips-create-effective-elearning-assessments-measure-online-training




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