Proactive Teaching Strategies for Today’s Trainers

This post is provided by guest blogger, Victoria Kral, graduate student University of St. Francis, MS Training and Development program.

Trainers are faced with the task of keeping instructional design engaging and relevant in today’s marketplace. With any good idea must come a strategic plan, learning objectives, goals and measurable outcomes. Instructional designers must first get to the root of the

issue and devise a plan that will keep the learners engaged and keep their attention to learn the objective. Designers may bring gaming into the training to help individuals use their critical thinking and problem-solving skills while contextualizing the information they are learning. Another strategy is to teach concepts in smaller pieces called “microlearning”. Students learn the topic in less than 10 minutes and are given a handout or reference sheet to assist with the learning the objectives.

I highly recommend reading this article for anyone who is looking to keep abreast with today’s e-learning trends. Although the article is written for corporate trainers, the material is very relevant to e-learning in a university setting. The principals are the same for each industry: first you must know your goals, plan a strategy, and make the eLearning impactful.


Ali, S. (2017, November 29). Top 4 proven instructional design strategies to enhance eLearning for corporate training. Retrieved from

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