Regarding Assessments, It Is A Question of Strength…

This post is provided by guest blogger, Paulette Richardson, graduate student, University of St. Francis, MS Training and Development Program.

In her article titled, “Improving Assessment in E-Learning Programs”, Mary Burns (2018) notes that “assessments drive instruction” (para. 1).  The idea is that what gets measured gets taught (Burns, 2018).  The article explains further that assessments are typically not Continue reading

Assessment for Online Learning


This post is provided by guest blogger, Tricia DeFay, graduate student at the University of St. Francis in Joliet, MBA in Health Administration program.


Papadopoulou (2019) discusses how assessments in online learning should be designed. The author asserts that assessment activities are a “powerful way to achieve learning outcomes” (para. 1). According to the author, there are two types of assessments: Continue reading